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Share this article Share Earlier this month, she became the third housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house – with the series eventually being won by Hollywood actor, Gary Busey. She blonde star got into trouble within days of entering the show and managed to be cause rows with transgender boxing promoter Kellie Maloney and actor Leslie Jordan. The blonde pulled a variety of shapes as she showed off some of her best poses Hello there: The former CBB star brought along a furry friend with her for the day Small steps: Showing off her tattoo, the Parisian star walked confidently through the tide She also went on to alienate the whole house by ripping up the Will and Grace star’s expensive boxer shorts and emptying the contents of the contestants’ larder on the floor. Clearly, the Parisian has been having lots of fun since leaving the house and celebrated her 39th birthday in style – posting a picture of herself showing off her derriere while wearing a pink thong. Audley Harrison came to celebrate with her, along with his wife Raychel, with the star writing: Showing off her tattoo, the Parisian star walked confidently through the tide Not shy: The reality star didn’t seem to mind who saw her as she stripped off in the water And Frenchy herself also took to Twitter to thank everyone for helping her to mark the last year of her thirties.

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The couples with the lowest combined scores are eliminated throughout the season, leading to a final competition between the top three couples.

The complex was given a VIP sprucing-up ahead of welcoming its latest batch of famous tenants, however, while they will get to reside in luxury the celebrities should be prepared for countless twists, turns and tough tasks designed to cause drama and tension from day one. As ever their every move will be captured by assorted cameras twenty four hours a day. His highlights as an amateur boxer include being crowned British superheavyweight champion in , and winning gold at the Commonwealth Games, and the Sydney Olympics in In March this year he made headlines when he crashed his van carrying a load of dead badgers after falling asleep at the wheel while on a controversial animal cull.

When he turned 16, David was able to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a Royal Marines Commando. The band achieved success in both Europe and the US with eight Top 20 singles and four number ones during their four-year period of stardom. Gary had a near-fatal motorcycle accident in after he rode without a helmet. This resulted in the enactment of stricter helmet laws in the State of California.

The first time George and his family appeared on Gogglebox, he was introduced as not having had a girlfriend for a year which made George think he would not ever get one again. He is still single. Thats the polite way of saying he was dropped. James began dance lessons at the age of When he turned 15, he started competing in dance competitions and by the time he was 18 was becoming very successful By the time he was 21, James was a major finalist in all Open International Competitions and was ranked one of the best in the world.

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Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray on a television shoot in , when his daughter was 8 years old. Bindi Irwin and singer Nick Carter, who danced the cha-cha with pro partner Sharna Burgess, tied for first place with 24 points each out of a possible 30 points. Reality TV star Kim Zolciak-Biermann and pro partner Tony Dovolani were at the bottom of the list, earning just 12 points for their salsa. Read More Days before the Season 21 premiere, the reality show received some good news: The show, which racked up a total of eight nominations, is also up for best reality competition.

Why not have Greg body-popping or Tim doing it Gangnam Style?

Recently, housemates have been surviving on rations and the year-old reportedly said she felt unwell over the weekend and yesterday was taken to hospital to be checked over. Yesterday a spokesperson for the Channel 5 show said: Get well soon, Claire! Loveable celebrity doofus and member of the boy band Blue. Ollie is famous for being Made In Chelsea’s bisexual party boy. He readily admits to always carrying eyelash curlers and is happy to be called vain but never arrogant.

He’s left MIC but hasn’t ruled out a return, “I’ve quit the show, I have done five seasons, I’ve had three break-ups, I’ve come out as bisexual I’ve done all that and I’ve decided the party’s over for me. But I’ll never close the door fully. The runner-up in the series of The Apprentice, this modest businesswoman describes herself as having the energy of a Duracell bunny, the sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit and a brain like Einstein.

A mother of one, she has made no secret of her love of sex parties, “I moved to London and my life changed when I discovered sex parties. No one’s judging you.

Actress Claire King leaves Celebrity Big Brother house after mystery illness

Could you get laid without Vince? Do I give a fuck? That’s what good actors do, they listen. Who do you work for? Maybe you recognize me. I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to ask you not to hold hands.

I am your biggest fan, I think you are this close to being the biggest movie star on the planet but you are slipping

I remember visiting this website once Here’s some stuff I remembered seeing: Aww you have to admit, we have had more Narry moments on this One Direction tour than ever before and last night, as the band played in Houston for 80, fans, Harry Styles did the cutest thing for his old pal Niall Horan. Knowing that his BFF was probably going to trip, fall and re-injure his dodgy knee, Styles insisted that Horan sit and allow him to refasten his trainers.

When he was does, he finished the job with a little kiss to the foot. He and Niall mistakenly bumped into one another on stage, as they danced and performed one of their hit singles for the crowd, however the funny moment came when the pair enacted a heartbreaking separation scene. Look how devastated Nialler is to be leaving his BFF. UK fans will be glad to hear that after two more dates — St.

Louis and Chicago — the X Factor stars will be heading home for a ten day break. One Direction fans are furious!

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Barmy Busey is under siege.. Retrieved Jan 23 from https: Yep, Celebrity Big Brother is back Plenty of which have so far been provided by reformed coke fiend Busey Proving how torturous talking to this aurally challenged septuagenarian nutcase can be, here’s his fellow American Stephanie Pratt gamely giving it a go

Growing up in Oklahoma he attended Kansas State University on a football scholarship but his dreams of pursuing a career in professional sports were shattered after injuring his knee.

Many animals are majestic and beautiful. Others have unique characteristics that help them stand out in a crowd. Having said that, yeah we are pretty much just making fun of these people. Here are 20 famous public figures who look like animals. Adrien Brody looks like a toucan. Taylor Lautner looks like an alpaca. Sofia Vergara looks like a hyena. Gary Busey looks like an insane ape. Anderson Cooper looks like a white-haired, blue-eyed cat. Danny DeVito looks like a baby panda.

Celebrity Big Brother is a hit – despite a lack of celebs

HOW did this happen? Who the fuck was in charge of casting this? She sounds like a rusty car engine.

I actually may be the only one, but I feel sorry for that little boy.

Garry Bushell – author Garry Bushell – TV critic Garry Bushell – Sounds: If the flames had reached Moseley’s home-dyed barnet the whole place would have gone up. Bedrooms in the great house haven’t got this hot since the night Lady Mary shagged poor Pamuk to death. Mercifully, the grumpy Earl fought back the inferno until the estate fire brigade rushed in. Hang about, an estate fire brigade? Where did they come from?


Share However, viewers saw on Tuesday that their relationship was not particularly memorable. As Busey entered the house, Angelique went up and hugged him – and he asked her name. It took him a few cringeworthy moments until he realised that he knew her – and pulled her in for another hug.

That low rumbling noise in the background was Tommy Trinder turning in his grave.

Carlos PenaVega … read more Dancing with the Stars: At the … read more Paris train hero honors Ore. He had quickly headed to Roseburg, Oregon, after learning of the tragedy. Unfortunately, that may be the last lesson Gary teaches us this season, because he and partner Anna Trebunskaya were eliminated tonight, depriving a whole lot of people the joy of listening to Gary Busey talk on live TV each week.

Watch the Funny Clip! After suffering a mini stroke following her performance last week, Kim Zolciak Biermann was unable to make the flight to Los Angeles to dance. That said, we definitely had a good time this week—for the most part—as the stars danced to the themes of some of our favorite shows, from The Golden Girls to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to True Blood and everything in between.

The Dancing With the Stars contestant was hospitalized after having a mini stroke Wednesday, but is on the upswing. After having a final procedure on Friday, Zolciak-Biermann has been discharged. The star tweeted the happy news Friday evening.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: White Dee fools Gary Busey with royalty challenge

August 31, at 1: You have no idea what I have been through. I made the poor decision to try reality television. The whole Big Brother franchise began in Holland as a social experiment. They wanted to see what would happen if 12 or so people from radically different socio-economic backgrounds, of various ages and of distinctly different race and sexual orientatrion were denied access to any outside influences and thrown together for an extended period.

I will tell you what happens.

A return to the series for Stephanie Davis was always unlikely this year, having just given birth — but summer might be different Big return?

Gary Busey is a contestant in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother. Growing up in Oklahoma he attended Kansas State University on a football scholarship but his dreams of pursuing a career in professional sports were shattered after injuring his knee. He then moved to Hollywood to pursue a music career but acting beckoned. After securing several small roles in both film and television during the he made his film debut in Angels Hard As They Come in He also played a cameo role as himself in the comedy Entourage.

Gary had a near-fatal motorcycle accident in after he rode without a helmet. This resulted in the enactment of stricter helmet laws in the State of California. The accident split his skull open and he was taken to hospital for immediate surgery.

Watch Frenchy’s ice bucket challenge and find out who she nominates!